What we do

We are your guides to North Karelia, eastern Finland! Our job is to assist travellers to get the most out of their journey to North Karelia and its nature attractions, historical sites and villages. We can help to plan your visit in advance so that it is customised to your needs. And during your visit, we'll accompany you and act as your personal resource, answering your questions and suggesting things that match your interests.

Who we are

We are local people who have also seen a bit of the world, including experience of tourism services. We are based in Joensuu, the capital of North Karelia Province. We have the advantage of knowing North Karelia thoroughly, including both suitable places to visit and a strong network of personal contacts. In addition to our basic team we can easily find other competent guides. Check out Samuli's and Heikki's CVs – click the photos.


Contact us by phone or e-mail, preferably the latter (time differences). We aim to answer within 1 working day.

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